Not blogged in a while so starting my post with a fresh look. I’m in love with a white pump. I put together a chic look with all black, a high neck turtle top, from misguided £12 and black formal joggers from Topshop. A scruffy pump is a no go the fresher the better! 


K H A K I 

Khaki is so in this spring, I bought this jumpsuit from primark for £15! Firstly I have found it hard to wear I was scared of it looking too Safari. But paired with pumps and a black bomber jacket it looked great. 

L O V E | B E I N G | N U D E 

My favourite lipstick ever is this matt  smashbox nude called latte. It’s not too pink but not too brown at the same time, the perfect blend of nude! Sorry the picture isn’t great, haven’t nacked the style of getting a fab make-up shot yet. I also just use a nude rimmel lip liner, I get a colour slightly darker than my lipstick just so that I can get that Kylie Jenner Look as I naturally have small lips.    

E A S Y | P E A S Y 

So spent the day running errands, I was in a hurry getting ready but grabbed this old topshop bomber jacket and it’s like I’ve replenished a relationship with an old friend. I paired it with some ripped jeans, a white vest and some sandals – so easy!

S L E E V E S L E S S | S H O P P I N G

 I wanted a sleeveless jacket for a while I thought they were all too expensive for what it was. But anyway I chose this white sleeveless throw on d-ring jacket from topshop £45 which was on the cheaper side! The only thing is its dry clean only – kind of annoying. Love it with all black (obviously) but on one of the sunny days we’ve had so far this year, I styled it with my demin dungarees. Ignore my small legs haha! 


B A G | T H A T 

Because I’m always travelling about and was sick of feeling embarrassed about a fake tan dribble over my white shirts, I needed a wash bag to put all my goodies in. I decided that £30 plus was a bit ridiculous for a wash bag, but I stumbled across this Flawless pale blue one from ASOS at just £12 and I love it. It’s so handy and I can fit all the toiletries I could ever want in there. Plus a Beyoncé reference is always a good idea! 

A S O S| £12


B A R B I E | W O R L D

Seen as though i have been living in my pyjamas for the last few weeks due to a laps in employment, i thought it would be fitting to talk about the best pants anyone can possibly own. Pyjama pants, they comfort you after a long hard day, they’re there for you when need them and they join you in the best place ever.. bed! These Barbie love to lounge, Primark pyjama  leggings are a quirky take on Moschino’s collection from September 2014.


P R I M A R K. £ 8.